Display Requirements


Tripadvisor makes this content, and all associated links, available to interested parties at no cost in exchange for the free traffic driven to Tripadvisor from each integration.

All displays of Tripadvisor Content on your website and/or app must be approved by Tripadvisor prior to launch. 

You must supply links to the test site and/or app on which you plan to display Tripadvisor content and approval to display publicly is contingent upon meeting all of the requirements set forth below. 

If you do not submit a request to go-live within six (6) months of receiving your provisional key, your API access will be terminated.


All users of the Tripadvisor Free Content API must adhere to the ALL following display requirements:

 Note: If you wish to use the images below, they should be copied and hosted on your site. Do not reference the images on this page directly via code.

Requirement Example
Tripadvisor must always be written as one word, no space, with a capital T 


The full Tripadvisor logo must be shown on every page that displays Tripadvisor Content. The logo must be positioned above, and as close as possible to the Tripadvisor Content. Logo can be found below and must be used without modification.  TA_logo_newbranding_2020

The overall Tripadvisor Traveler Rating for each business must always:

1) Be shown as five green bubbles with the owl eyes logo to the left of the five bubbles

2) Be accompanied by the text "Tripadvisor Traveler Rating"

3) Shown with the number of reviews on which the rating is based next to, and to the right of, the rating bubbles. This number is dynamic and must be kept updated via the API.

4) Set up a clear invitation to click on the link back (e.g. underline or add 'Read more >)



You may not combine or aggregate Tripadvisor ratings or reviews with any other data source.  N/A
 All ratings images are provided by Tripadvisor and served direct from a Tripadvisor image URL. Do not store and locally serve Tripadvisor logos.  N/A 



References and Links back to Tripadvisor

Requirement Example
A Tripadvisor logo must be placed on the homepage of your site indicating inclusion of Tripadvisor ratings. Tripadvisor suggests the wording "Ratings Powered by Tripadvisor" to be used in conjunction with the logo.

The numerical display of the total reviews an aggregrate rating is based on must be linked to the business' detail page on Tripadvisor. 

A clear invitation to click must be visible. e.g. underline the number of reviews or add a 'Read more >' link.


Example: "54 Reviews" must link to: 





Note: If your website and/or app is available in a language other than English, all text strings noted above must be translated into the relevant language.



Tripadvisor Images


Tripadvisor Logo




Tripadvisor Traveler Rating (Overall rating for a hotel, restaurant, or attraction)



Individual Review Rating



Examples of Do's and Don't's








You may submit your integration only if every one of the following components is done:


  • Link back to Tripadvisor on every page
  • Clear Call to action on link back (Read more, underline, etc)
  • Logo present and in a correct format
  • Number of reviews present
  • Tripadvisor correctly stylised