Mapping Individual Properties

Tripadvisor does not provide any support for mapping individual properties. However, Content API users can provide some additional parameters to their API call to assist with their own mapping process, or use the recommend /location_mapper API call.

Say that you have several properties that you need mapped from your own property IDs to Tripadvisor's. There are several ways to do so:


  1. Using the /location_mapper call, with Mapper key (your API key + "-mapper". This is currently the recommended way to map properties, although the following will work as well. Visit the /location_mapper page for more information.
  2. Manually search for each property on Tripadvisor, and copy the numerical value following "-d" in the URL. For example, if you were trying to map the Hotel Commonwealth, you would look at its Tripadvisor page URL:

    and use the Tripadvisor property ID 258705 when making your API calls. The call to /location would look like: