Request API Access

Tripadvisor grants only a limited number of API keys, and does not allow access to the Content API for purposes of:

- Data analysis

- Academic research

- Any use not associated with a consumer-facing (B2C) travel website or application


To request access to the Tripadvisor API, please fill out the Request API Access form.


Due to the high volume of requests, we are unable to respond to applications that are incomplete or include insufficient information.


Please make sure that all fields are completely filled out, that your request includes a working URL, and that your intended use of Tripadvisor content is fully explained. To qualify for use of the API, your website or app must meet the criteria outlined in the API Terms of Use and receive sufficient monthly unique visitors.  Upon submission, our team will evaluate your request. 

Qualified sites will receive an email with a provisional API key that allows limited access of 1,000 calls per-day to the API - this key is to be used for development purposes only.


Once Tripadvisor content is integrated on your test-site, you must contact us and provide a link (and any necessary login information) so that we can preview your integration and confirm that it meets our API Display Requirements.

Sites that meet all requirements will receive an email confirming that within three business days their API key will be upgraded to allow 10,000 calls per-day.

Integrations that do not meet the display requirements will be asked to alter their integration and resubmit their request to go-live.


Please note that sites that do not submit a request to go-live within six months of receiving their provisional key will have their API access terminated.

Tripadvisor is unable to provide development support to individual sites - for assistance please refer to the API documentation and our Content API Google group.