What's New

(27 June 2017) Major Update API (v8)

The main feature of our latest version of our API (v8) is to be able to provide a detailed breakdown of taxes and fees including subtypes. If you are not supporting such breakdown, upgrading to the latest version will not bring any benefits for your hotel partners and therefore we would recommend you remain connected on API v7.

TripAdvisor recently rolled out an improved site and app experience – making it easier for travelers to access the information they need to find and book the right property at the right price.

The newest version of the TripAdvisor API (v8) includes enhancements and new functionality that will improve the way we surface content, increase performance and help drive more bookings.

  • Taxes and fees broken out separately
    • The new API will allow us to break down taxes, fees and base rates enabling us to display the most compelling price for each market. Upgrading to the new API will help your hotel partners stay competitive and attract bookings from travelers looking for the lowest price.
  • Hotel_availability and booking_availability calls updated and merged 
    • We’ve merged the hotel and booking availability calls by adding parameters that specify requirements for your response. This will allow us to include room and rate features such as cancellation and refund policies, bed configuration and amenities earlier in the booking flow, which can motivate potential guests to book with your hotel partners over competitors.


(4 Dec 2014) Updates to AvailabilityRoomType in API Objects

The documentation has been updated to reflect more clearly that the 'price' field in the AvailabilityRoomType object must be the price of the entire stay.


(22 Jul 2014) HAC API v5 makes two minor (one breaking) changes to the HAC API.

  1. HAC API v5 /hotel_inventory will now request inventory for either “instantbook” or “tripconnect” using the new inventory_type field. Please return the eligible hotels as appropriate.
  2. HAC API v4 /hotel_availability only supports requests for 1 room. Instead of using num_rooms and another field num_adults for the /hotel_availability call, the new party field has been created. This represents both the number of rooms and the number of children/adults staying in them. This change brings the functionality of /hotel_availability in line with the functionality found in /booking_availability for Instant Booking.
To ensure the correct API is called, please return “api_version” 5 in the configuration response.