What's New

(27 June 2017) Major Update API (v8)

The main feature of our latest version of our API (v8) is to be able to provide a detailed breakdown of taxes and fees including subtypes. If you are not supporting such breakdown, upgrading to the latest version will not bring any benefits for your hotel partners and therefore we would recommend you remain connected on API v7.

TripAdvisor recently rolled out an improved site and app experience – making it easier for travelers to access the information they need to find and book the right property at the right price.

The newest version of the TripAdvisor API (v8) includes enhancements and new functionality that will improve the way we surface content, increase performance and help drive more bookings.

  • Taxes and fees broken out separately
    • The new API will allow us to break down taxes, fees and base rates enabling us to display the most compelling price for each market. Upgrading to the new API will help your hotel partners stay competitive and attract bookings from travelers looking for the lowest price.
  • Hotel_availability and booking_availability calls updated and merged
    • We’ve merged the hotel and booking availability calls by adding parameters that specify requirements for your response. This will allow us to include room and rate features such as cancellation and refund policies, bed configuration and amenities earlier in the booking flow, which can motivate potential guests to book with your hotel partners over competitors.

(17 Feb 2016) Update to API (v7)

This update to the Instant Booking API (v7) helps to capture rich room and hotel information that enhances the traveler's decision-making and booking experience, standardizes the presentation of content across the site, and improves conversion rates. 

An example of rich room content:

Room Content Sample

The /booking_availability function has been modified considerably:

  • Room, Rate, RoomRate are now separate objects, allowing for standardization of room and rate content.
  • A new Supported Amenities page lists out Open Travel Alliance codes for fields such as bed configuration, room details, and amenities.
  • Cancellation policy has been moved from DetailedRoomType (API v5) to the new RatePlan object (v7).
  • We have added additional hotel and rate level information for child, pet, accessibility, meals, and smoking policies.

April 19, 2016 Updates: Based on feedback from Partners on the v7 API, we have modified how we capture the following information within the RoomType object. The documentation and examples have been modified to capture this change:

  • "bed_configurations" will replace "bed_type". This supports rooms marketed as "1 King or 2 Queens". We are using the same OTA standard code list to define bed types. The new field allows flexibility in room setup
  • "room_size_value" will replace "room_size". We require "room_size_value" to be an integer.
  • "accessibility_features" will replace "accessibility". This new object provides standard accessibility options used by several Partners, allows a coded list that helps with international rollouts.


(19 Oct 2015) Added TripConnect Campaign Data API (New Functionality)

Partners have the opportunity to retrieve details on instant booking and TripConnect CPC campaign adoption for the properties in their inventory. This API enables connectivity partners to retrieve a listing of campaign details for each mapped location.

Additional details can be found in the TripConnect Campaign Data API page.

(17 Mar 2015) Added Special requests field to /booking_submit request

New functionality has been added to the /booking_submit message which provides travelers with the ability to send free text special requests or comments to the hotel.  This field will not be enabled in the UI until TripAdvisor has verified the implementation is working correctly.

Additional details can be found in the /booking_submit request section

(17 Mar 2015) Clarification added regarding refundable field in /booking_availability

The documentation has been updated to provide clarification on how the refundable field in the /booking_availability message should be determined.  

Additional details can be found in the Room Types Object section

and uses cases have been added to the support section

(25 Feb 2015) Added Cancellation Deadline option to Room Types

New functionality has been added to the /booking_availability message which provides details to the travelers on the datetime when it is no longer free to cancel a reservation.  

Additional details can be found in the Room Types Object section.

(23 Feb 2015) Added Rooms Available option to Room Types

New functionality has been added to the to the /booking_availability message which provides details to the travelers on how many rooms are remaining when availability is limited.  

Additional details can be found in the Room Types Object section.

(17 Dec 2014) Added CustomerSupport Object to Examples

The documentation has been updated with a minor change to the examples to show the CustomerSupport object. This has been added to the examples for booking_availability, booking_submit, booking_verify, booking_cancel API calls.


(4 Dec 2014) Updates to AvailabilityRoomType in API Objects

The documentation has been updated to reflect more clearly that the 'price' field in the AvailabilityRoomType object must be the price of the entire stay.


(2 Dec 2014) Updates to Instant Booking Certification process

To verify connectivity works appropriately with non-test properties, TripAdvisor has added an additional step to the certification process - Alpha testing. During this stage bookings will be made for real hotels (1-5 pilot hotels provided by partners) in the production environment.  Please note that Certification (and listing on the Connectivity Partners page) is only available on sucessful completion of this Alpha Testing.

Additional details can be found in the certification section

(19 Nov 2014) accepted_credit_cards required in /booking_availability response.

TripAdvisor requires a credit card at time of booking not only to support a hotel’s guarantee policy but also to reduce fraud. In the case where a hotel does not require a credit card guarantee, it will be up to the partner to either pass or not pass the credit card details to the hotel. If the hotel does not support a credit card at the time of booking, please return a shortened list of the standard supported types (MasterCard, Visa).  

This parameter had been incorrectly marked as [Optional] previously.


(17 Nov 2014) Problems array required for /booking_submit and /booking_verify failure

The Problems array was originally marked as  [Optional] for the /booking_submit and /booking_verify message as it did not need to be returned for a "Success" response but was needed in the case of a "Failure."  The documentation has now been upated to reflect this.  


(11 Nov 2014) New TripAdvisor IATA Number

TripAdvisor will now be using a new IATA number (22502174) for Instant Booking reservations. To ensure your hotels have the correct information, please update this information and notify your hotels if required.

To minimize the impact of any future changes, the TripConnect Instant Booking /booking_submit API will be updated to include the IATA number.  The documentation will be updated once the API has been updated.


(30 Sept 2014) hotel_details object now required in /booking_availability and /booking_submit

In the interests of providing the best experience for our customers, TripAdvisor has made a slight change to the /booking_availability method to require that the hotel_details object be returned in the response.  Previously this object was marked optional.