API Testing

Please note: as of January 2020, the rcp-demo-ext server has been sunset. 

For the purpose of testing and development, we have created a test property, Schrute Farms. Please use this property for all testing purposes.

You can use your partner key to issue test requests to create, list, update, and cancel email requests using these location IDs:

Partner type locationID partnerID
IBE (signed up via TripConnect) 730099 @@Schrute_Farms@@
Other (signed up via Tripadvisor contact) 730099 730099


For the fastest delivery of a test message, please set the check-out date to be one day before the current date.

Please note that Tripadvisor checks if a user has already been sent a Review Express email in the past 30 days (restaurants/attractions) and 90 days (hotels), and blocks email sends to any recipients who have already received emails within the given time period. For this reason you may need multiple email addresses available in order to carry out full testing. 

Once you have configured your API and successfully created all calls using the test property, you are ready to start making live calls, so long as you have updated your mapping and your client properties have completed the opt-in process. 

Example create call:

    "recipient": "",
    "location_id": "730099",
    "checkout": "2020-01-31",
    "country": "US"
    "partner_request_id": "745C6BFF-F0C7-401F-A691-4407F78DC96C",
    "location_id": "730099",
    "recipient": "",
    "checkin": "2020-01-15",
    "checkout": "2020-01-17",
    "language": "fr",
    "country": "FR"