Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which API key should I use?

A: The Review Express API key is a different key than your TripConnect ID. The Review Express API key was emailed to you after you completed the Review Express sign up, and accepted the Review Express API Terms & Conditions. If you still have not received your key, please let us know at

If you have followed the sign up process for a "Connectivity" partners, but your company is not a booking engine or PMS, please note that you will not automatically be emailed any keys. You should instead submit an enquiry here: Intermediary Review Collection Enquiry form


Q: What is the test environment vs the production environment?

A: The test environment uses the URL, while the production environment uses Both environments rely upon the TripConnect mapping or Review Express connectivity mapping of your hotel location IDs to the Tripadvisor location IDs, to indicate the list of hotels for which you may make Review Express email requests. In order to make a successful email request for one of your hotel locations, that hotel must have opted-in to the Review Express program. To facilitate testing, there are two major differences between the test and production environments.

  1. Calls to the test environment ( will not generate an actual email to a guest.
  2. In the test environment, in addition to your mapped locations, you may also use the location ID @@SCHRUTE_FARMS@@ for submitting email requests. This is a test property only that will always be treated as "opted-in" to Review Express for your connectivity partner, so that you may fully test the email request function even prior to completing your TripConnect mapping, Review Express connectivity mapping, or any of your hotels joining the program. This special testing location is only available on


Q: Which location ID should I use in email requests?

A: For all API calls for Review Express, we will only process the connectivity partner location ID that has been mapped through the TripConnect program or Review Express connectivity mapping program. Please DO NOT use the Tripadvisor location ID, and use the partner ID. (The exception to this rule is if you do not have your own identifiers for properties and have submitted a mapping with TA ID mapped to the same TA ID).


Q. One of my client property owners wants to opt in to Review Express but they don't see the "automate" button in the Management Center - why?

A: This is usually due to a mapping issue. Please ensure you have uploaded the property ID to your mapping via the SFTP server (see Once the mapping is done, this opens up the "automate" menu in the Management Center for that particular location ID. They will then be able to opt in to your service. Please allow 48 hours from uploading the mapping for the menu to be visible in the management center. 


Q: My client can see the opt-in menu but my company does not appear in the list of providers - why? 

A: As above, you will need to upload the property ID to your mapping via the SFTP server. Property owners may see additional companies in the list if they work with a combination of Internet Booking Engines, Property Management Systems and WiFi Providers.


Q: I submitted a Create Request, the checkout date has passed but no email has been sent. Why?

A: This could happen for a number of reasons: 

  • The email recipient has submitted a review for this business within the past 90 days (for accommodations or attractions) or 30 days (for restaurants)
  • A Review Express email was sent to this guest within the past 30 days
  • The email recipient has unsubscribed from Review Express emails

Owners can check this in the Management Center under the Review Express dashboard. If a campaign indicates "suppressed" emails, the above reasons should explain what happened to the email. Emails may also "bounce" if an incorrect email address was submitted or if the user's inbox was full at the time it was sent. 


Q: Can I elect not to send the reminder email?

A: No, for automated Review Express requests the reminder email will always be sent 7 days after the initial email, unless: 

  • The email recipient clicks "unsubscribe" 
  • The email recipient writes a review


Q: My business is managing Review Express on behalf of Attraction suppliers. Can I request reviews for specific tours or activities?

A: At present Review Express only allows owners to request reviews at "supplier" level. We would need to make some significant changes to our system to allow "product" level reviews.