Connectivity Solutions

TripConnect is a powerful and exciting new way for hotels, inns and B&Bs to compete for bookings on the world’s largest travel site.  TripConnect empowers accommodation owners to generate new business by bringing visitors who are ready to book directly to their website’s booking page.

The following APIs are for use by connectivity partners.  Connectivity partners are B2B technology solution providers to the Hotel Industry.

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Hotel Availability Check API

What's New (11 November 2019): Our Updated Conversion Tracking Solution: Ready for implementation.

This new method, which uses server to server (S2S) requests, is replacing the legacy TripConnect Pixel. By implementing S2S conversion tracking, you will be generating great value by:

  • Providing your partners a better view on their general performance on Tripadvisor 
  • Enabling your partners to better understand the return on investment for each of their subscriptions and make budget decisions accordingly
  • Becoming eligible to participate in future referral programs from Tripadvisor

More information can be found in our S2S conversion tracking page.

The Hotel Availability Check (HAC) API allows connectivity partners to show their online availability and prices on Tripadvisor. The newest version of the Tripadvisor API (v8) is designed to help partners drive conversions in a highly competitive market

Instant Booking API

Instant Booking allows the consumer to book a hotel reservation on the Tripadvisor mobile website and app, without having to click through to a partner’s landing page. We make the reservation, take the billing/customer info, and pass along details to the partner after the transaction is complete. As with Hotel Availability Check, the latest version of Instant booking is API v8.

Review Express API

Partners have the opportunity to integrate the Tripadvisor Review Express API. This API enables internet booking engines to provide automated Review Express services to opted-in hotel partners — creating requests on their behalf to send emails to recent guests encouraging a review of their experiences. To learn more about Review Express and how your hotel partners can benefit, click here.

TripConnect Campaign Data API

Partners have the opportunity to retrieve details on instant booking and TripConnect CPC campaign adoption for the properties in their inventory. This API enables connectivity partners to retrieve a listing of campaign details for each mapped location.