Review Express API


The Tripadvisor Review Express API enables connectivity partners to provide automated Review Express services to opted-in hotel partners — creating requests on their behalf to send emails to recent guests, encouraging a review of their experiences. To learn more about Review Express and how your hotel partners can benefit, click here.

Please note that Review Express API is solely for collecting reviews. If you are looking for an API key to display reviews on a B2C website or B2B dashboard, please email  


Accessing and Testing the Review Express API

We have created separate production and test environments for you to use during the Review Express API development process. The test environment uses the URL, while the production environment uses

To access the Review Express API test and production environments, connectivity partner participants must:

  • Accept the Review Express API Terms & Conditions
  • Receive a Review Express API key *
  • Complete the connectivity partner inventory mapping for TripConnect or Review Express mapping

*PLEASE NOTE: The Review Express API key is different from your TripConnect ID. Review Express API keys are emailed to connectivity partners as soon as the partner has accepted Review Express API Terms & Conditions. If you did not receive your API key after accepting the Review Express Terms & Conditions, please contact us at

Review Express relies upon the mapping of your hotel location IDs to the Tripadvisor location IDs. This mapping defines the list of hotels for which you may make Review Express email requests.

In order to make a successful email request for one of your hotel partners, that hotel must be opted-in to the Review Express program. Tripadvisor will not send Review Express emails without the explicit consent of each participating hotel. Registered hotel owners or business representatives can opt-in through the Tripadvisor Management Center via their Review Express dashboard, which is accessible at

Test Hotel:
To facilitate testing, in addition to your mapped locations you may also use the location ID 730099 for submitting email requests. This is a test property that will always be treated as "opted-in" to Review Express for every connectivity partner, so that you may fully test the email request function even prior to completing your connectivity mapping, or prior to any of your partner hotels opting in to the program.