This message verifies the submitted reservation has been booked properly. Verification requests are sent by adding /booking_verify to your endpoint and sending the parameters explained below in a GET request.



Query Parameters

Name Description
The partner specific code for the hotel.
Unique partner identifier for the reservation.
TripAdvisor identifier for the booking session. Please note, this id may not be unique and should not be stored as a TripAdvisor “confirmation” id.


See /booking_submit example response


Field Type Description
api_version int
The version of the API of this request.
problems Problem array
An array of problems that occurred.
  • [Required] if status = "Failure"
  • [Optional] if status = "Success" or "UnknownReference"
reference_id string
Echo the reference_id requested by TripAdvisor in the request. If the request fails (timeout or otherwise), TripAdvisor should be able to use this id in a booking_verify request to determine if the call was successful or not.
status string
An overall status of the booking request. One of the following:
  • Success
  • Failure
  • UnknownReference
reservation Reservation
An object containing details associated with the reservation (receipt, date of stay, guests, etc.). Returned only if the booking is successfully made.
customer_support CustomerSupport
A required object containing the hotel’s customer support contact information for guests.
This must be returned on both successes and failures.