Check Opt-In Status

Check Opt-In Status Request Bulk

Check if your mapped hotels have opted-in to the Review Express program. This call returns the opt-in status for the hotel in the review_express_opted_in field. Additionally, for hotels using TripConnect, the TripConnect status will be returned. This call can also filter results by opt-in status.

Example Request

Check status of all properties{API key}


List all opted-in properties{API key}&review_express_opted_in=true


List all opted-out properties{API key}&review_express_opted_in=false


Check status of a single property{partner_id}?key={API key}


Check Opt-in Status Response Bulk

This call returns an array named “locations” with this information for each location:

  • partner_id - string
    The partner defined ID for the property.
  • tripadvisor_id - integer
    The Tripadvisor location ID for the property.
  • business_listing_since - string (YYYY-MM-DD)
    The date that this property acquired their business listing.
  • tripconnect_since - string (YYYY-MM-DD)
    The date that this property acquired TripConnect.
  • tripconnect_platforms - array of strings
    The list of platforms for which TripConnect is currently active for this property (e.g. desktop, mobile).
  • tripconnect_last_active - string (YYYY-MM-DD)
    The date TripConnect was last active for this property.
  • tripconnect_clicks - integer
    The number of TripConnect clicks this property has received.
  • tripconnect_conversions - integer
    The number of bookings attributed to TripConnect clicks that this property has received.
  • tripconnect_eligible - boolean
    Whether or not this property is eligible to sign up for TripConnect.
  • review_express_opted_in - boolean
    If a hotel has opted-in to send automatic Review Express emails.
  • paging
    In addition, for bulk calls there is a paging object to allow navigation over the result set.

Example Response

    "data": {
        "locations": [
                "partner_id": "PID",
                "tripadvisor_id": "730099",
                "business_listing_since": "2013-02-20",
                "tripconnect_since": "2013-09-04",
                "tripconnect_platforms": [
                "tripconnect_clicks": "1353",
                "tripconnect_conversions": "0",
                "review_express_opted_in": true
    "paging": null