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Please follow this link to get access to our Content API.

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How can I get an API key?

First review our terms of use and content display guidelines to determine if you are qualified to apply for a Content API key.  If you meet the criteria, you may submit an application online: https://www.tripadvisor.com/APIAccessSupport


What do I do if my API key is not working?

Verify that the key you are attempting to use is exactly the same as the key you were provided via email when you completed the sign-up process.


What do I do if my API key has expired?

If you received a provisional key more than six (6) months ago and have not yet contacted the Content API Team with a proposed integration, or received permission from Tripadvisor to launch your integration, you have exceeded the maximum development time and your key will be terminated.

If you are still interested in utilizing the Content API and meet the guidelines set forth in the Developer Portal, please resubmit your application. Please remember that you must: 

-   Have a working URL for your consumer-facing, travel-related website/app

-   Plan to develop and launch your integration of Tripadvisor content within six (6) months of receiving a provisional key


Can I request a higher rate limit?

Tripadvisor sets a limit of 50 calls/second and 1,000 calls per-day to developers using our Content API during the period of development and QA. Once the application is approved for launch, Tripadvisor will increase the daily limit to 10,000 calls.


How can I get Tripadvisor Location IDs for hotels, restaurants and attractions?

Tripadvisor does not assist with the provision of property Location IDs, however there is a /location_mapper call for Content API users. This call can be made using a mapper-specific API key, which is just your API key plus "-mapper". So, if your key was "abcdef123", your mapper-specific key would be "abcdef123-mapper". This mapper key has a per day limit of 25,000 API calls and a per second limit of 100 API calls, allowing you to automate some of your mapping process with a well-written script. More information can be found here


It is still up to you as a Content API user to provide the Lat/Long for each property, and to validate your results.  


All Content API user mapping options can be found here.



Does Tripadvisor have any code libraries for the Content API?

Tripadvisor does not have code libraries for its Content API. 


Can I access the API in order to add Tripadvisor data in my reputation management tool or B2B product?

No - the Tripadvisor Content API is intended for consumer-facing (B2C) websites & apps only.


My site does not have a working URL - can I apply?

Websites and apps without working URLs are not eligible for a Content API key. Please resubmit your application once your site has gone live and established a predictable monthly visitor base.


Can I access the API for my academic research?

No - the Tripadvisor Content API is intended for consumer-facing (B2C) websites & apps only.


Do I need to send Tripadvisor a test site/app with my proposed integration and receive permission to display content on my live website if I don't need more than 1,000 calls per day?

Yes - all proposed integrations must be sent to Tripadvisor for approval to ensure that all display requirements are met. If you do not submit a request to go live within six (6) months of receiving your provisional key, your API access will be terminated.


How do I get more than 1,000 calls for use in development?

Your provisional API key is to be used for development purposes only and is limited to 1,000 calls per day. Call volume will not be increased until the integration of Tripadvisor content on your test-site is approved.


Does the Content API include vacation rental content?

No - vacation rental content, including ratings and reviews, are not available via the Content API.